FourFourTwo Interview with Eric

Who is Eric Wynalda? Get to know U.S. Soccer’s presidential candidates

Once a hotshot striker, then a hot-take TV pundit, now the charismatic Californian says he can offer cool, calculated leadership.

By Scott French   |   November 22, 2017

Eric Wynalda is the candidate for U.S. Soccer president that everyone thinks they know, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

He was a brash, outspoken forward — and one of the best talents on the U.S. men’s national team — during his playing days and is best known to a generation of new fans as an acerbic critic of the American game from his perch as analyst on Fox Sports soccer telecasts.

That’s not the real Wynalda, he says.

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  • Wynalda is a breath of fresh air. “Its a tree” almost explains it all. The youth Club “Pay to Play” system is broken. It doesn’t serve anyone well. The best players get lost in a pool of mediocrity as teams play and train at a level far below what the top players are capable of while families of less capable athletes spend a kings ransom chasing a dream well beyond their child’s capability. Then you have great athletes without financial means playing in adult leagues with uncle Joe who smoke a cigarette and downs a Tecate before every game because they can’t afford to be in the system. Its broken and I hope Eric can fix it but be prepared…. You have a lot of people making a lot of money selling Soccer dreams in America, The push back with be tremendous!

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