Eric on Transparency and Good Governance

January 7, 2018

Transparency is good and necessary, but good governance is the overall aspect that needs to be evaluated, addressed, and improved. For example, consistent with best practices employed by not for profit entities nationally, as well as most Federal, state and local government entities, I would propose a Board-approved and Board-enforced policy that would require all USSF service and contract procurement processes be subject to a mandatory competitive bid process. The service and contract procurement process would include all contracts and transactions over an agreed upon de minimis amount as established by the Board. The competitive bid process would be established to promote fair dealing with market vendors and service providers. It would also establish a safe harbor arrangement for determining fair market pricing by encouraging transparency and a level playing field.

This would require that all service and contract procurement subject to the Board policy receive at least three bona fide bids under a sealed-bid process with final selection reviewed and voted on by the Board. This is consistent with best practices among not for profit institutions nationally, and allows USSF to establish itself once again as a leader around the world in corporate governance of football associations – which has clearly been a concern around the globe in recent years.

After reviewing the US Soccer bylaws, the fact that this policy doesn’t currently exist is a problem. It is an indictment against the current leadership. When we fail to provide adequate accountability and oversight, we invite the appearance of shady dealings and collusion at the very least.

Any candidate for President of US Soccer who does not endorse this policy, or propose a similar policy, ahead of the election is merely paying lip service to the issue, and should not be trusted to push for transparency and good governance once elected.


Eric Wynalda
US Soccer Presidential Candidate

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